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Foreign passport up to 16 years old

Foreign passport — the passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad is a document that certifies an identity, confirms a person’s Ukrainian citizenship and gives the right to leave Ukraine and enter Ukraine. A citizen of Ukraine cannot have more than two passports for traveling abroad.

  • Оформлення закордонного біометричного паспорту не терміново

    20 днів (без урахування доставки)
    1 498 UAH
    • Адмінпослуга, бланк та його персоніфікація
      958,00 UAH
    • Сервісні послуги підприємства
      540,00 UAH
  • Оформлення закордонного біометричного паспорту — терміново

    7 днів (без урахування доставки)
    2 138 UAH
    • Адмінпослуга, бланк і його персоніфікація
      1 598,00 UAH
    • Сервісні послуги підприємства
      540,00 UAH

The price is indicated without bank commission.

What must be done to get a passport?

  • Collect the necessary documents and come to the «Passport Service»
  • Submit the necessary documents
  • Pay for the service (on the spot)
  • Take a picture (on the spot)
  • After receiving the SMS, come and pick up the child’s foreign passport

From the age of 12, the presence of a child is mandatory, both during registration and when issuing documents

All children can take pictures on the spot!

Children aged 12 and over are photographed only on spot!

Приклад фотокартки малюка на паспортIf your child under the age of 12 may have problems with photography: he is afraid of the flash, cannot sit still, does not close his eyes for more than 2 seconds, or the child cannot be pulled out of the playground without tears, and you want a good photo for the documents.

We recommend using the services of a photo studio and bringing us 1 photo card measuring 10×15 centimeters. The photo card should show 70% of the face, clear contours, white background, on high-quality matte photo paper, without defects.

We recommend that you read the detailed requirements for a child’s photo to understand how to take a photo correctly, or even practice at home.

List of required documents

  • Original birth certificate.
    • If the birth certificate was issued by the registry office of Ukraine (or the consulate of Ukraine abroad), and both parents were citizens of Ukraine at the time of birth and this is indicated in the certificate, the original birth certificate is sufficient.
    • If at least one of the parents was not a citizen of Ukraine at the time of the child’s birth, a certificate of the child’s acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship. SMS is issued at the place of registration of the father, a citizen of Ukraine, or by the consulate of Ukraine in the country of birth of the child.
    • If the birth certificate or document was issued by foreign authorized institutions abroad, legalization and a notarized translation into Ukrainian may be required. We strongly recommend contacting a manager by phone for a full consultation.
    • If the birth certificate or document was issued by institutions in countries and regions not recognized by Ukraine (Kosovo, the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia, the Autonomous Republic of South Ossetia, ORDLO, the Republic of Crimea within the Russian Federation), it may be necessary to apply to the court to establish the fact of birth and obtain Ukrainian citizenship. It is strongly recommended to contact the manager by phone for a full consultation
  • Passport of a citizen of Ukraine in the form of a card (for a person who has reached the age of 14).
  • Individual tax number of a natural person—taxpayer (if available);
  • A document certifying the identity of the legal representative and a document confirming the authority of the legal representative (unless the legal representative is one of the parents). Application from one of the parents (formed on the spot). It is mandatory to have the original passport of a citizen of Ukraine. If the mother’s or father’s surnames do not match the birth certificate, additional documents confirming the fact of the surname change (marriage certificate, divorce certificate, surname change certificate, etc.) are provided.
  • If available, previously issued foreign passports or travel documents of the child (valid, invalid, issued under a different surname);
  • Documents confirming the payment of the administrative fee, or the original document on exemption from this payment; (payment is made on the spot through self-service terminals);
  • Documents that are the basis for changing the transliteration (previously issued documents certifying the identity and confirming the citizenship of Ukraine of the child or parents; a document confirming the fact of birth, name change, issued by the competent authorities of a foreign state and legalized in accordance with the established procedure; etc.)


Foreign passport up to 16